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Department of Economics, Boston University

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Pronounce Linh the same as the English word ling.
Pronounce Tô as in the Spanish word tomate, Portuguese word , or French word tôt.

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Working Papers


Wage Differentials and the Price of Workplace Flexibility

Marshall Drake, Neil Thakral, and Linh Tô

Why do high-wage workers have more flexibility in location and schedule but not in how much to work, and how do the resulting compensating differentials contribute to wage inequality?

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Anticipation and Consumption

Neil Thakral and Linh Tô

How does the time spent anticipating receiving a stimulus payment or a cash transfer affect consumption and saving?

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The Signaling Role of Parental Leave

Linh Tô (new draft in progress, joint with Bence Bøje-Kovács)

Does taking shorter parental leave decrease the childbirth penalty because of what it signals to the employer?

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Anticipation and Temptation

Neil Thakral and Linh Tô

How does poverty cause people to behave myopically and affect their consumption of temptation goods?

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Daily Labor Supply and Adaptive Reference Points

Neil Thakral and Linh Tô
American Economic Review, August 2021

Do workers with fully flexible hours also have a flexible income target?

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Work in Progress

Scale Equivariance in Regressions

(with Neil Thakral)

Bayesian Adaptive Choice Experiments

(with Marshall Drake, Fernando Payró, and Neil Thakral)

Hiring and the Dynamics of the Gender Gap

(with Hannah Illing and Hanna Schwank)

The Fragility of Social Norms: Theory and Evidence from a Youth Correction Center

(with Kaiwen Leong and Huailu Li)