(with Marshall Drake, Fernando Payró, and Neil Thakral)

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This package helps researchers implement and run their own Bayesian Adaptive Choice Experiments (BACE). BACE allows researchers to elicit preferences quickly and efficiently using a dynamic experimental framework. Researchers specify a model that they want to estimate, prior beliefs over the model’s parameters, and questions (or “designs”) that can be shown to respondents.


(with Neil Thakral)

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A Stata package to “wreck” any regression with a variable being transformed according to log(+1) or IHS (when there are zeros or negative values in the data) by applying a scaling factor on the transformed variable to achieve an arbitrary coefficient or semi-elasticity estimate.

  • To install from Stata:
    net install wreckitreg, from(
  • To open the Stata help file: help wreckitreg