Office Hours

Office hours for Fall 2020 are conducted remotely. You can sign up using one of the links below. A confirmation with a meeting link will be provided upon sign-up.

Sign up for office hours: [EC304] [EC752] [Advising]


GRS EC752 A1—Topics in Labor Economics II (Graduate labor)

Lectures: Fall 2020—SSW 315, R 5:15 pm–8:00 pm (second half of the semester)

Local labor markets
Behavioral labor
Structural labor
Personnel economics
Economics of gender


CAS EC304 A1—Empirical Analysis II (Undergraduate advanced econometrics)

Lectures: Fall 2020—CAS 326, TR 9:30 am–10:45am

Regression analysisOrdinary least squares (OLS)
Regression analysisOmitted variable bias (OVB)
Regression analysisFixed effects (FE)
Randomized experimentsRandomized controlled trials (RCT)
Randomized experimentsInstrument variables (IV)
Quasi-experimental methodsMatching estimators
Quasi-experimental methodsDifference in differences (DD)
Quasi-experimental methodsRegression discontinuity (RD)


Past Courses

Some student comments from past courses:

Harvard graduate micro, as TFHarvard graduate labor, as TFHarvard graduate econometrics, as TFBU undergraduate advanced metrics