I am not teaching in Spring 2021. Information on office hours and my past courses can be found below.


Office Hours

Office hours for graduate students are currently conducted remotely. You can sign up using the link below. A confirmation with a meeting link will be provided upon sign-up.

Sign up for office hours: [Advising]


GRS EC752 A1—Topics in Labor Economics II (Graduate labor)

Lectures: Fall 2020—SSW 315, R 5:15 pm–8:00 pm (second half of the semester)

Local labor markets
Behavioral labor
Structural labor
Personnel economics
Economics of gender


CAS EC304 A1—Empirical Analysis II (Undergraduate advanced econometrics)

Lectures: Fall 2020—CAS 326, TR 9:30 am–10:45am

Regression analysisOrdinary least squares (OLS)
Regression analysisOmitted variable bias (OVB)
Regression analysisFixed effects (FE)
Randomized experimentsRandomized controlled trials (RCT)
Randomized experimentsInstrument variables (IV)
Quasi-experimental methodsMatching estimators
Quasi-experimental methodsDifference in differences (DD)
Quasi-experimental methodsRegression discontinuity (RD)


Past Courses

Some student comments from past courses:

Harvard PhD micro, as TFHarvard PhD labor, as TFHarvard PhD econometrics, as TFBU undergraduate advanced metrics